How to tackle Bit torrent traffic shaping/blocking by your ISP

Nowadays Internet service providers tend to block your bit torrent traffic or slow your bandwidth if they notice that you are downloading a lot in a bid to control piracy and make sure there are is control over copyrights. I am sure many of you have faced similar issues.

So the question that arises is what can you do to avoid such problems? In this article I have covered a few ways that will help you tackle the issue and continue downloading torrents as usual.

bit torrent client

How ISP’s control your bit torrent client 

Before I move on to how you can overcome the issue of your ISP blocking your bit torrent traffic it is important that you understand how your ISP actually hinders your bit torrent traffic. To stop your bit torrent traffic your ISP generally uses 3 ways.

  • Packet inspection: It means that any traffic that seems like Bit torrent traffic is blocked or you are provided with only a specific amount of bandwidth. This is known as traffic shaping.
  • Tracker block: This means that any of access to good quality trackers is prevented, by doing this your ISP ensures that either no or a limited amount of peers can only be found.
  • Website block: This kind of method does not necessarily hinder your bit torrent traffic. In fact access to a particular site is blocked for all users using the service provider.

One way to bypass it is to get a seedbox hosting account.

Tackling Packet Inspection

In case you’re not sure whether your bandwidth is being controlled by your ISP or not you can use the Glasnost test to figure it out. This test only takes around 15 minutes depending on your internet connection.  Inspecting packets is not really an easy procedure but can be done using numerous applications and solutions which help recognise every packet using the header information.

What you should be happy about is that modern Bit torrent clients come with packet encryption options. The solution is easy. All you have to do is make sure the Bit torrent traffic looks like normal TCP traffic with an encrypted payload. The transfer speed won’t be very quick, but you ISP will find it really hard to inspect each and every package.

If you use uTorrent just enable protocol encryption option.

Many ISP’s have tried to overcome this issue by blocking all encrypted traffic, but this leads to problems with other important applications too and is usually avoided.

Tackling tracker block / Blocked websites

To gain access to sites to that have been blocked by an ISP one excellent method is by using a website like or some other site similar to it. If not these you can also use TOR (The onion router). TOR is used for 2 main reasons i.e. to access either blocked websites or trackers. For TOR you need to firstly need to download and install the Vidalia bundle. Once you run it, it will itself connect to the TOR network.

Through the default options, it also run the Polipo proxy in the background, running on port 8118. To make sure your uTorrent client uses that local proxy to contact the trackers, open up the connection settings, and enable using a proxy server. The Polipo proxy communicates with us through SOCKS5, and does not require a username or password to connect to. Its address is our own computer.

Download Kik Messenger for Windows PC for free

When it comes to messaging apps for Android software, there are a lot of them around and one of them is Kik Messenger.

Launched in 2009 by a group of students, Kik Messenger is now one of the most used messaging app after the top couple of apps like WhatsApp.

Kik Messenger allows you to share images, videos, smileys and has many other features used in chatting.


Download Kik Messenger for Windows PC


In order to download Kik Messenger for Windows PC, you need to have an Android emulator installed on your Windows PC. An Android emulator is a software that emulates your Android smartphone’s screen on your Windows PC’s screen.

What that does is, whatever you can do with your Android smartphone, you can replicate the same on your Windows PC screen.

So, since an Android emulator is key when downloading and using Kik Messenger on Windows PC, we recommend Bluestacks Android emulator due to its availability and ease of downloading.

You can download Bluestacks Android emulator on your Windows PC from its official site. Having downloaded Bluestack Android emulator, install it on your PC before installing Kik Messenger on your Windows PC.

You can even download wechat messenger for PC at

Having launched Bluestacks Android emulator on your Windows PC, open it and follow the below mentioned steps.


  1. Open Bluestacks Android emulator.
  2. Search for Kik Messenger in the search bar of the Bluestacks Android Emulator.
  3. Download Kik Messenger from Bluestacks Android emulator.
  4. Having downloaded Kik Messenger from Bluestacks, install it on your Windows PC.
  5. Having installed Kik Messenger on Windows PC, open it and enjoy the services.

That’s it, installing the Kik Messenger is so easy on Windows PC that even naïve users can download it and use it for free from the big screen of the desktop. Hope you liked this post of ours and will download Kik Messenger as per this post on your Windows PC for free and even tell your friends about it.

Details about Kik Messenger

Kik Messenger is very neat when it comes to user interface and is customizable as well. You can also chage the themes of chat in it. the best thing is that you do not need a phone number to run Kik Messenger, so this messenger makes all the more sense to be downloaded and used on Windows PC.